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What is life? How to live? How not to live?

We human beings have taken birth to live.  We should live a happy life. We should live healthy life without illness and better life. That’s the life.

Whether one took birth in poor family or in rich family, Sanathana dharma guides all people to live a happy and prosperous life in any place.

However- we took birth in this world! After taking the birth we should be on the correct track and enhance the life and live ideally.

The history of the Gnanis/saints lived in our nation is the lesson and guideline for us.    We should learn from them and live well.  We should stick to their teachings.

Book of each saint is a lesson for us. It’s our treasure.

“My life is my message” beautifully told by a saint.

Periya Puranam recites history of 63 nayanmars. Contemplate on that, were there only 63 devotees of god in our country?

There are millions and millions of holy, incomparable, genuine, eminent saints in our country.

Why  sekkizhar(Sekkilaar) considered only 63 people?

These 63 people were born and brought up in different caste and groups. They were doing different types of businesses. Economically they were in different stages.  But they lived in a similar way to attain the god. They lived with intense devotion, love and discipline.

“Whatever the work done, whatever suffering one experiences, the saints’s mind is in silence” This truth told by a siddha is perfect.

This is a lesson for us! Moral! Whatever may be your state in spirituality, it proclaims that god will save and bless. Our epic tells the same.

Humans should live as human beings. One has to discard his bad habits and character spoils the body, mind and soul.

Our ancestors had taught us to gratify our mind. Our ancestors had preached us good discipline, ethics, culture and ways to show affection and love.

We become human when our mind matures by following their teachings.  Taking birth as a human being, we should try to become good, matured and complete human.

Only a complete human, a good soul becomes a maha-athma. He transcends to god and he will be acclaimed and adored by all living beings.

We took birth with our soul enclosed with karma. So we should work to get rid of the karma!  This is important work in our life. This is called as Thavam(penance).

We should live this life to get rid of our karma. Clearing all karma and merging with god is bliss, ecstasy and prosperity.

The spiritual bondage between the guru and disciple should happen for each and every human being in their life.

All human beings have father and mother, in the same way they should have a guru in their life.

With the grace of guru, one will come to know the goal of life and do penance to get rid of the birth-death cycle. Life will become complete only when one gets a guru.

In this world, human beings live without any discipline. Though mind belongs to him, he runs behind the mind.

People live for 60-80 years, but how many have lived a life that is appreciated by the society.

“The mother who hears her son being called "a wise man" will rejoice more than she did at his birth” – Thirukural.

If society appreciates a man as a virtuous and wise man, that makes his mother happy. We should live like that.

If one takes birth as a human then he has to do at least one thing from the kumaresha satakam song. Otherwise birth taken is useless.
 It’s foolish if one lives without any goal and discipline! It’s intelligent, if one decides to live a life in a proper way.
 Thiru Arut Prakasha Vallalar Ramalinga Swamigal clearly explained in “Maru Murai Kanda Vaasagam” as to how a man should live his life.

 In Thiru Aruta prose Vallalar explained what human should do after getting up from the bed till he goes to sleep. He has revealed and graced in the section “Nithya(ever) karma(work) vithi(rule)”.
Manumurai Kanada vaasagam – Thiruarutpa – What Sin Might  I have commited?
Might i have ever made noble’s mind tremble?
Might i have ever not lent a hand for someone, drowning in river flow?
Might i have ever humiliated others by offensive arguments?
Might i have ever blocked the ways for means?
Might i have ever stopped people who offer donations?
Might i have ever done wrongs with injustice?
Might i have ever wrangled with a friend who is keen on?
Might i have ever been a spy for a burglar?
Might i have ever hatched up against genial friendship?
Might i have ever wrecked life by avil tongue?
Might i have ever held up citizens by increased taxes?
Might i have ever dug up not the drinking water pond?
Might i have ever made poor's stomach burn and starve?
Might i have ever said "NO" to a beggar?
Might i have ever assisted people who slaughter living beings?
Might i have ever put on flesh by eating flesh?
Might i have ever lied for material concern?
Might i have ever demolished public domicile?
Might i have ever deceived people by tricks?
Might i have ever hurt a lovable person?
Might i have ever reduced the wages for a labor rendered?
Might i have ever chopped up a tree, which is ease for hot son??
Might i have ever noticed not the famished faces?
Might i have ever destroyed other crops on enmity?
Might i have ever messed up a family by means tongue?
Might i have ever betrayed someone hidden on fear?
Might i have ever annoyed someone educated?
Might i ever fast up a calf without feeding milk?
Might i have ever shilly-shallied to honor a Guru?
Might i have ever forgotten to pay the guru's fee?
Might i have ever caged a bird to be scared of?
Might i have ever pointed out fault in the song of the senior?
Might i have ever sold rice mixing with sand and stone?
Might i have ever discouraged a person who undergoes asceticism?
Might i have ever locked up a shrine's door?
Might i have ever angrily yelled at Lord siva’s devotee?
Might i have ever disregarded sanctified sages/saints?
Might i have ever scolded my parents?
Might i have ever overlooked parental advice?
Might i have ever been arrogant indicting god?
I don’t know...
What might i have sinned?
What might i have sinned?
Why did such a fate hit me badly?

He recited a song that human beings should not do. One should not commit the above sins and live an excellent life.

It’s man who decides all his actions and activities in his life.

We took human birth due to the pirarathuva karma, we should not accumulate more of it. We should seek a good guru and surrender to him, get thiruvadi deekshai initiation. The karma that we do should be dedicated to the thiruvadi. With complete surrender to holy feet the Aakanmiya karma won’t be ours.

“Do the action and result should be left to me”- Life has to be lived like this. People should ponder the recitation by Kannan in Bagavath Geetha.

“All action of this world is executed by almighty god” - people should realize this completely and live the life accordingly.

“There is nothing called my action” - one should completely surrender to god – in his holy feet and live the life.

“Who am I” one should try to know and realize in this life!

Each and every one in the society has to do his duty with excellence! When everyone joins together we call it as society. There is no discrimination between poor and rich.

We need people of all skills! It’s not possible for all the people to do all the work. If everyone does his duty with perfection then country will live in peace and joy. The life of human beings will evolve.

However the life that we are living now, we should rectify all the mistakes and live with dedicated and elegant mind! Then anyone can lead an excellent life.

We have freedom. So, can we do anything? Why do we have police, courts and judiciary?

Our freedom should be in a disciplined way. We have freedom to perform an action which will not harm others.

If we don’t even harm a small living being then we can say that we are living in an elegant life.

In this world humanity is required quality for everyone; people say humanity should be adhered all over the world.

There was better preaching by Indian saint long ago.

“All humans belong to one human race, god is one”
“All living beings should lead a happy life”
“One should treat all living beings as his soul”

This is how they taught to love the soul, which is superior to adhering humanity!

Indian saints have not only preached to love human beings but also to love all other living creatures in this world.

India asserts the knowledge of soul. This is the pride of our nation.

One should have broad mind. One has to realize that all the souls are exactly like god. That is the life one should live.

Our ancestors divided our life in terms of eight years. In first eight years we grow our body. In second eight years we have education. In third eight years one gets married. In fourth eight years one gives birth and grows the child. In fifth eight years one earns money. The reason for dividing life terms of eight years is because our soul is present in eight, one has to realize that.
They preached this in many ways so that our brain can absorb this knowledge of eight.

We have to search and find the meaning of eight. We have to bring that to our experience. This is the purpose of our life.

 8th eight in 64 years each and every one should experience the god. This is the truth told by luminaries.

Complete all your responsibilities before that. After the age of 60 years one should have no work other than penance. This is the culture of India.

One should know the significance of the 8 - number eight told by all our saints, also we should know about eight and two, Lady saint Avvaiyar said “It’s proper to say number and letter are our eyes”.
"Those called NUMBERS and LETTERS,                                                                the wise declare, are eyes to live with"

Same was told by saint Thiruvalluvar.

Numbers 8 and 2 in are represented in Tamil as ‘ah’,’uh’. The literals ‘ah’ and ‘uh’ are also represented in Tamil vowels.

Ah  -  8  -  , Uh  -  2  -  .

These two literals represented as number and letter in Tamil 8() – 2() are our two eyes.

Tamil vowels start with ‘ah’; god is first to this world. Our saints told that god dwells in the right eye as number 8, letter ‘ah’.  They explained our right eye as Sun.

Moon receives the light from the sun.  It’s similar in our body.

There are many more secrets of gnana! Eight divine light art starts from agni-soul clarified and effulged in two eyes which look like number eight.

We have to know this and live for the soul to get liberation.

One takes birth to know and realize these numbers and eyes to get freedom. God has graced this for our freedom.

To lead a good life we need to have good character, similarly it’s important to have good and healthy food.

Our great saints had told many easy and best ways to live the life without diseases.

With the great compassion on human beings and other living beings, siddhas taught this knowledge of gnana. They found medicine for diseases while one progresses to make his soul pure.

They explained about cosmos and different states of the nature. They taught us to live a perfect life in different climatic conditions.

Great compassion by siddhas!!

At present whole world suffers due to inadequate drinking water. Since the cost of water is more than milk, we can drink one liter of milk instead of water! No one could forecast the price of drinking water.

Siddhas beautifully taught us how to drink water.

“Water should be heated, ghee should be melted, curd should be diluted with water before one consumes it, if someone tells the name of the person who drinks like this, all his diseases will be cured.”

If someone tells the name of the person who eats like this, he would get rid of all diseases. We can conclude that if one eats like this, he will lead a healthy life! So eat like this.

There is one important rule which Ramalinga swamigal recited.
First        : Feces should not be watery. One has to take care of that.
Second                : There should be no constipation
Third       : The truth/Gnana.

One should not be governed by ego, karma and maya(illusion) – These are the three Feces.  Saints sayings have more than one meaning.

“If someone sings a song after realizing the meaning, they will reach the place where lord (shiva) lives” – Note this song advised by Manivasagar in thiruvasagam.
“One can lead a quality life in this world    When one surrenders his life to god!

So live! Come to live a divine life!!        

Gnana Sarguru Sivaselvaraj
Sanathana Dharma                   

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