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What is preaching-upadesam? How guru does that?

The meaning of the word deekshai is initiation. When a human does become a real
human being? If one gets father and mother is not human being!

Only when he gets guru he is human! With human body, he obtains maturity in the mind, becomes a real human only after getting a gnana guru.

Mother shows father to a person, father has to show the guru! Only guru can show the god.

In olden days children were admitted in Gurukul (place to study) that is the place where preaching happened to them.

Gurukul teaches the way to live in this world, to experience the god, making a human as complete being.

Modern education system will not be helpful for knowing self. It’s a bottle guard drawn in the book, it won’t be helpful for making food.

Students memorize the subjects and get marks?! No one understands the truth!

Modern day parents encourage the children to study the subject that helps to earn more money.

People run behind the money. Finally they become dead body!

Computer fascination rules the people. They earn lots of money. In few days their life becomes mechanical. There is no peace in their life.

No peace and rest in their life; people search for that and get addicted to alcohol, woman and drug. Finally they lose their life.

People lose the wisdom, don’t have peace of mind! They struggle, and roam as vagabond.

Money earned by undisciplined people won’t stay with them! Life is not the money!

The basic fault is in the primary education! Discipline is not taught to the children!

Human life should be built on the foundation of the discipline!?

'Decorum' gives especial excellence; with greater care
'Decorum' should men guard than life, which all men share. –Thirukural.

Propriety of conduct leads to eminence; it should therefore be preserved more carefully than the life. Man without decorum is not human! He is animal?!

Classical Tamil language was formed before stone and sand were formed, saadhus in this world praised about Tamil language. This language has many Gnana and judiciary books!? Many have not read these books?

At present time Tamil is the oldest language. This elegance is due to the message of discipline, living the life in the judicial way is advised in this language.

This culture is applicable to all people of this world, the way of living is formed here that is why

It’s called Sanaathana Dharma!
This is the elegant culture!
Only this dharma guided man to live as real human being!

“Tamil language was spanned across five continents” - Holy saint Thirumoolar. We can conclude that in olden days, Tamil language and culture was spanned across five continents. We can understand that sanaathana dharma a tamil culture was deep rooted all over.

We described about the state of human being’s birth, death and life? We came to know that this life gets completed only on salvation.

Discipline is the way for this. Then enhance your life with guru’s preaching and deekshai.

Doing thavam is the way to know self! To uproot the karma, which is the reason for birth and death, we should get hold to the soul which is a light.

“Sivathai penal davathirkku alagu” ‘Beauty of penance is heeding the Sivam’ sung by lady saint Avvaiaar, one should nurture and increase the shivam; which is a divine light.

(Live on the pupil’s way)Sakkara neri nil:

Avvai told about pupil of eye which is like a wheel! “Wheel that was not cut” same told by another gnani. One has to live by getting hold to the light in the pupil of eye!

Monam enpathu Gnana varambu:

Monam means silence. The work of gnanis is to be silent. Being silent does not mean one should not speak!

It refers to the pupil of eyes which is silent. “Kandavar vindilar, vindavar kandilar” is same what is told.

“Kandavar Vindilar” – means one who saw will not speak.

“Vindavar Kandilar” – means one who speak will not see.

Eye won’t talk, it is silent. Vindavar is mouth of one who talks, Mouth that talks can’t see.

Eye that sees is silent - Monam. Stick to the silence of the eye is Gnanam.

“Otha idathil nithirai kol”- Sleep in the place of similarity.

For people suffering from back pain, neck pain, body pain doctors advice to sleep in the floor without pillow for head. This is good body’s health.

Otha idam – similar place - two places look alike are our two eyes.

Gnana is to be with the light present in the pupil of our eyes. It’s intelligent to find meaning like this.

Porivayil aynthuvithaan poitheer olukka
Neri nindraar needu vaalvaar – Thirukural

One should remove the falsehood , live in the truth, in a discipline way; In our body, If one burns the five elements using the light at entry point for five senses the pupil of eyes, he can live without death for long time.

“Anbin valiyathu uyarnilai agthillarkku
Enbuthol portha udambu” – Thirukural

If one lives with expressing love on all living beings, will know and realize the soul that glitters in the pupil of eyes, he will live. Body won’t be destroyed. The person without love is simply a body with bones and skin.

“Kannirkku anigalan konnottam agthindrel
Punnendru unarap padum” - Thirukural

The significance of our eyes is to know and realize the light in the pupil of eyes to reach the agni-soul!? If one does not know this, it’s not a eye but a wound.

“Deivathaan aagathu eninum muyarchi than
Mei varutha kooli tharum” - Thirukural

Even if the God cannot accomplish one’s effort will always born fruit. What this means?
We say god is almighty! If that’s the truth, what valluvar conveys that god can’t do it!?

Here you can understand the significance of the guru’s preaching!?

God is vast grace light! It’s there in the pupil of our eyes as tiny light!?

God glitters as light in the tiny hole in the center of our pupil of eyes.

The hole in the center of our eyes are closed with membrane, it hides the god which is our divinity.

Thavam(penance) is the way to clear the membrane that closes the hole in the center of eye!?

The membrane has to be melted and one will have auspicious sight of our soul. This is the penance that we have to do.

God is here, inside. The path closed by membrane which is not accumulated by god!?

We have to obtain deekshai from guru to remove/melt the membrane and do penance. It’s our effort.

We have to do with intense effort, divine light as manure, multiply the light to melt the membrane that hides the tiny path!?

This membrane - occlusion; Thiruarutprakasha Vallalar Ramalinga swamigal shows jothi dharsan with the seven screens in Sathya Gnana Sabai at Vadalore. Human should see the auspicious sight of his soul within himself, Vallalar externally symbolizes this as Sathya Gnana Sabai.

This is the eminence of Vallalar! All saadhus told this knowledge in many encrypted way.

Vallal perumaan purely expressed the internal state with an external object for the people of this world to understand and realize, to live a deathless life with a great Compassion.

The membrane is the seven screens; this is clearly explained and graced in the Thiruarutpa – Arutperunjothi agaval.

In saiva sithantham this is told as bakthi. Pathi – God, Pasu – Soul-Anma, One has to clear the obstruction (attachment/Paasam) for the soul(pasu) to reach(pathi) god .

(Paasam)Attachment is of three (shits) types – Ego, Karma, Maya! To clear these three shits one has to surrender to Sivam.

Sivam mean Light!?

If we get hold of the light, 3 shits (paasa thirai) will get cleared, soul can reach the god!

Vallalar knows this very minutely, realized this and shown the way, constructed Sathya Gnana Sabai, shown jothi dharsan for people of this world to attain deathlessness. He blessed us with grace.

Vallalar showered the grace with compassion! Philanthropist of Arul/grace is vallalar! My work is to preach all these knowledge and provide initiation/deekshai for soul realization.

With active support all great saadhus, guided by Vallalar, being as guru, this humble being provides initiation/deekshai.

Deekashi is to preach and realize how we should put some effort – to do the thavam.

After obtaining the deekshai from guru, with continuous effort of doing penance, with strain in the body, one should realize and multiply the light present in the pupil of eyes, this is our effort.

If we put some effort like that, with efforts that strain the body the God present inside will express itself.

Then he (god) will take care of everything! He will guide us.

Thavam is making god to express! In this world, if this is the only effort we make, then only we can see and attain god!?

This is what Vallal perumaan told in Gnana sariyai song how our experience should be.

Ninainthu Ninainthu Unarnthu unarnthu Negilnthu negilnthu
Anbe nirainthu nirainthu ootru elum kanneeraal udambu
Nanainthu Nanainthu arul amude nannithiye gnana nadathu arase
En urimai nayagane endru vanainthu vanainthu ethuthum naam
vammin ulakiyaleer maranamila per uvaalvil vaalnthidalaam Kandeer,
punainthu uraiyen poi pugalen sathiyam solkindren
Porsabayil sirsabayil pugum tharunam ithuve.

If we try in the way told in the above song, by surrendering the mind to the Thiruvadi, tears will flow out and then one can attain deathlessness.

Deekshai – People also call this a Deekai. Dee means fire, kai - hand in Tamil. Feel the fire in the Atcham. Atcham means eye.

Giving the Consciousness or feeling in the eye is deekai.

Guru will induce the fire/light in disciple’s pupil of eye with his light is called Deekshai.

Touching a person non-physically!
Making things understandable by the feeling or Consciousness!
Give feeling in the pupil of eyes!
Taking deekshai is obtaining new birth!

After taking deekshai, if one deems and involved in the brahmam or param porul or vast light is called Brahmanan.

He is called Brahmachari! One who not married is not Brahmachari!

“Ill-aram allathu nal aram andru” Family virtue is the best one.
Lady Saint Avvaiyar who discarded her married life told this message.

Do you know the virtue told by Avvai? Ill means house in Tamil. Our house is our body right?!

With god dwelling in our body – good virtue is living a proper life with light in the pupil of eye.

Souls are females. Paramathma is the husband, we the souls need to merge with the purusothaman/paramathma is the good virtue. This is told by saadhus.

Jeevan merging with brahmam is what told in the jeeva brahmam iykiya vedandam.

Jeevan is present in pupil of eyes as light! Increase the light in the eye. We the souls are females should be matured then flower-eye flower will attain paramathma! After maturity souls marries god.

All are spiritual messages!

Whatever told in our country is Gnanam! That’s why our country is called Land of Gnana.

The purpose of the deekshai is to open the eyes and we the souls /females should get matured.

Suksuma body is the aanma body; Aanma body takes birth while taking Deekshai.

First one should take birth! Later he should get matured! Then marriage!

Come here! To take new birth by obtaining Deekshai!

Awaiting to do the work of god! A man becomes complete after taking Deekshai! Taking deekshai is the way to fulfill the goal of life.

“Kaiyaravilaatha nadukkan puruva pootu kandu kali kondu thiranthundu nadu naatu”(open the block in the center of the eye by a guru)

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