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What is Sanathana Dharma? - Way of living

Chapter - 8

Till now this book described about Sanathana dharma.

Santhana dharma shows way for attaining deathless life!
Santhana dharma shows way for each and every soul to know self and enhance their life.

The common way of living for 700 crore people in this world is sanathana dharma.

Sanathana dharma says, all souls are children of almighty god- with his features with no differences and discrimination.

The message told by saadhus who came to this world till now is sanathana dharma.

Whole world will be ruled under one umbrella- this was told by Swami thoppu gnanai muthu kutti swamigal that people in this world live in sanathana dharma.

Bakthi yoga, Karma yoga, Raja yoga are (ways) steps for human to attain gnanm. Knowing sanathana dharma is the only way to attain gnanam.

Sanathana dharma shows ways for samathuvam – socialism – all living beings to obtain all their needs and living in a complete happiness

One race – one god!! This is what sanathana dharma tells!

“Yaadhum Oore, Yaavarum Kelir” which means, every country is my own and all the people are my kinsmen.

“The good or bad things in our life will never be given by others.” told by sanathana dharma.

Sanmaargam that is preached by Thiru Arutprakasa Vallalar Ramalinga swamigal is sanathana dharma.

We the people of this country have thousands of difference, Sananthana dharma tells we are human and we are the soul.

How one takes birth, how one attains death? Sanathana dharma tells how one becomes immortal and shows the way to merge with god.

Sanathana dharma shows the way to seek god within, instead of searching outside.
Whatever we see in space, we can see in our body says sanathana dharma.

Sanathana dharma shows way to know and realize the self, shows way to live a better life.

“Jeeva karunya (Love and Compassion on all Souls) is the key to attain bliss” sanathana dharma shows the way to realize and experience this.

“All living beings are like our own soul, live in union” is sanathana dharma.

“Whatever may be the different religion people belong to, human being to should live a better life” as told by Narayanaguru from kerala varkalai. He preached and lived in the way of sanathana dharma.

‘Love is god’ told by Buddha, ‘show love to a neighbor in the way you love yourself’ said Jesus. Whatever Buddha and Jesus told is sanathana dharma;

Prophet Muhammad said “Jihad is to fight against injustice” is Sanathana dharma.

All saints preached the same, it’s called sanathana dharma.

Bhagavan sathya sai baba graced this world from puttaparthi Andhra Pradesh India, preached Sanathana dharma.

“Panneri(many ways) samayangal madangal endridumor
Pava neri ithuvarai paraviya thithanaal
Sennneri arinthilar iranthiran thulogor
Seri iyru(dark) adainthnar aathalin ini nee
Punneri thavirnthoru pothuneri yenum
Van puthamuthu arukindara sutha sanmaarga
Nanneri seluthuga endra en arase
Thani natarasa en sarguru maa maniye” -Vallalar

There are many ways and religions formed in this world. Still people do not know the real way to self realization and deathlessness. People die in darkness, you go ahead and lead the eminent way called sanmargam. This was told by nataraja sarguru maa mani to Vallalar.

Many religions, many ways were formed in this world, but people died in darkness without knowing/realizing Sanathana dharma. To save the people from the wrong path, Thiru Arutprakasha Vallalar was graced by god and came to this world.
To tell this world about the good path suttha sanmargam a common way to attain the bliss, sanathana dharma, god sent Vallalar to this world.

Vallalar took birth in this world on 1823-Oct-05(Star Chittirai, Tamil month purataasi) attained light body on 1874-Jan-30 and filled in this existence.

He attained the state of god by filling himself in this world and galaxy.

“Ulagamelaam potra olivadi vanaagi
Ilaga arul seithaan isainthe – thilagan ena
Naane sanmargam nadathukiren nam perumaan
Thane endkkuth thanithu” – Thiruarutpa

Almighty our god graced to make me a light body (luminous) to be praised by this world. Sanmaargam which is a sanathana dharma is driven by me with the grace of god told by vallal perumaan.

In Thiru-Arutpa(graced this for people of this world) Vallal perumaan advised us how to pray the god.

Application for Truth

Almighty god, with your grace, bless us with true intelligence, true bliss, make us live as true devote in the path of pure sanmargam. Bless us to attain true life and make us live perpetually.

God bless us with our mind not to get attached to the obstacles of pure sanmargam. The obstacles are religious differences, caste differences, established customs and ashrams.

God bless us with the first and important goal of sutha sanmargam loving a human, should persist in us at all the time, in all place and should not be reduced from us. – Thiruarutpa.

All the religions accepted are in common terms with one point ‘God is a vast grace light’.

The maha-mantra graced us by vallal perumaan.

“Arutperunjothi Arutperunjothi
Thani perum karunai Arutperunjothi”

This is the prayer of sanathana dharma,

“All living beings should live an eternal life”
“Flesh rejection should be dominated in this world”
(People should avoid eating flesh; this should be followed by all people in the world).

Incomparable way, the sanathana darma is what told by vallal perumaan as samarasa sutha sanmarga sathiya neri(path)!

Is this not the way that we should follow?! Its intelligence to know this! Realizing this is the way to get the light!

Divine light present all over the body!

To know the divine light one should know the sanathana dharma!

Deathless great life

God is almighty, his omnipresent, vast grace light god present in our pupil of eyes!!

We have to get initiated (deekshai) by Gnana guru in the entry point of our body pupil of two eyes. We need to focus our mind in the pupil of eyes, remember the feelings and do the thavam.

On continuously effort of penance, looseness is formed and tears in the eye will flow like a river. One should continue with this effort!!

Then divine light in the pupil eye will expand gradually! This happens due to the rotation of the pupil.

Since mind present there in the pupil of eye, this will happen!!

Light/jothi present in the two pupils of eyes will expand, travel inside and reach the soul which is called as Agni kalai, which is located just below the top of head and above uvula (inner tongue)!!

“Vinnin rilinthu vinai keedaai meikondu
Thannindra thaalai thalaikaaval munvaithu
Unnin rukkiyo ropilla ananadak
Kan nindru kaati kalimaruth thane” – Thirumandiram

This one song can substitute whatever is told in this book ! This one song is enough to explain about sanaathana dharma.!

In our eyes, right eye is sun, left eye is moon, If one does penance on these two eyes, light in both eyes will expand and travel inside , reaches the Agni kalai-Soul. This is merging of three divine lights. Jothi patham! Thiruvadi!!

For the disciple being in this state and doing penance, light gradually spreads in 72000 Naadi and nerves present all over the body!!

Body will be purified! Won’t get any disease! Body will be strengthened! Mind will be matured! Will get god’s grace! He will get blessings from all saints.

You will be blessed with the sight of the soul. Jothi tharisanam.

Seven screens will be cleared, soul will glitter! Soul will navigate up and reach the top of head, called Sahasrara.(Sathya gnana sabai represents seven screens)

Once it reaches the top of head(sahasrara) intelligence will be brightened! (Para veli) Outer space can be seen! Then you can roam in empty space (vetta veli). Bliss, bliss, only bliss!

This is what told in sanathana dharma!
This is a common way for all people!
Welcome people of this world!
Live in the path of light!
You can live the life with eternal wisdom!

Since very long time, people of India lived by following the sanathana dharma.

In India subcontinent sanathana dharma is prospered in all direction from Kanniya kumari to Kashmir, Mumbai to Kolkatta!

There are people speaking so many languages! People living with different cultures wearing different kinds of dresses and eating different kinds of food in this holy land!

One third of human population of this world follows Buddha who took birth in this land! Buddha, who preached love, lived in the place where sanadhana dharma prospered.

Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, Parsism religions originated in the land of sanadhana dharma, India.

There is a saying “In the street of locksmiths, no one can sell the needle” like this no other religions could establish in spiritual country India!

Santhana dharma is elite and beyond all the religions, prevails in this country; other religions were not able to grow. They will not grow spiritually!

Saints who realized themselves and realized god, they formed a lifestyle to realize god which is called sanathana dharma.

Religious/caste fundamentalists are people have not understood this. They are ignorant people!

Matha(mother), Pitha(father), Guru, Deivam(god)!. If mother is an obstacle to realize god, if she does mistakes, disregard mother told by sanathana dharma!

In the epic Ramayana bharathan disregarded his mother, parasu raamar killed his mother Renuka devi is sanathana dharma!

Neglecting one’s father if he is an obstacle for realizing god is sanathana dharma!

Piragalaathan who neglected his father Iraniyan is in the way of sanathana dharma!

If guru is obstacle to realize god, disregard guru told by sanathana dharma!

To realize god for King Magabali, he disregarded his guru sukraachchariyar who was his obstacle is also sanathana dharma.

There is better no temple than mother.
There is no better mantra than father’s word.
Guru is sath sath para-brahmam.

This is preached by our ancestors, still, if mother, father, guru are obstacle to realize the god, if whole world opposes, disregard all of them!? Only goal in the life is to attain god! This is sanathana dharma!

Sanadana dharma is the life and culture of people in India! Sanathana dharma is imbibed in the people of India!

Maturity to accept all kinds of people, broad minded people are seen this land. Hospitality is expressed to people who migrate to this land.

It’s because of the Sanathana dharma Indians have the intelligence to accept goodness in any place. People in India live in union without differentiating themselves by caste, religion and language. This is because of the saints (one who realized god) lived in this country and followed equality, socialism and sanmaargam,

“God is one! Human race is one!”
“Let all living beings live in bliss!”

Is there a better principle then this?!

A Muslim is becoming a president only in our country, due to 90 percent of people in India are living in the way of sanathana dharma. A Sikh is able become prime minister of India!

People of any religion and caste are made to work on higher designation in government office is the culture of Indian people, who follows sanadana dharma!

India is incomparable and elite/excellent country in this world, our culture is the main reason for that! It’s Sanathana dharma.

We can feel very proud to be an “Indian”!
In this world, Indian is the eminent person!

Sathavathani Sheikh Thambi Pavalar a great incomparable human lived in the way of sanathana dharma.

Sathavathani Sheikh Thambi Pavalar lived in Edalakudi, Nagarcoil-kanniyakumari district.

Though he was Muslim by birth, due to taking birth in India, he learnt and realized sanathana dharma. He was known as Sathavathani. (who has a grasped on hundred different aspects of knowledge at a moment)

Saivites abbot were heads of mutts in his periods, they blamed and defamed Thiru Arutpa written by incomparable saint Thiru Arutprakasha Vallalar Ramalinga Swamigal.

Sheikh Thambi Pavalar had read Thiruarutpa. He understood the excellence and pride of the Thiruarutpa. He was not in the state of religion; he was in the state of the god. So he talked in many stages in Tamil Nadu about Thiruarutpa sung by Thiru Arutprakasha Vallalar Ramalinga swamigal. He told that all songs were sung with grace of god, all his songs were in elegant and devotional Tamil. He taught a lesson to the saivites in Tamilnadu.

A notable Muslim understood the greatness of Thiru Arutprakasha Vallalar Ramalinga swamigal. It’s shame that shaivites did not understand that.

Sathavathani Sheikh Thambi Pavalar a great person followed sanathana dharma.

I feel proud for taking birth in India the land of virtue, in the land of gnanam Tamilnadu, in nagercoil where Sathavathani took birth.

In India Sanathana dharma is the one which was in past, is present and will be in future.

Future is for the people who live in the way of Sanathana dharma.

“People of this world turn your mind” turn the mind that roams outside to inward, in the Holy feet-Thiruvadi of god.

“Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.”
“Try to get the grace of param porul” Live!
Love as a weapon!
Intelligence as shield!
Come here to win the world!
It’s enough being ignorant and destroyed!
Let’s unite and live by loving the souls.
We took birth to live!
Welcome! Realize it! Live long!

-Gnana sarguru Sivaselvaraj
Sanathana dharma

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