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Who is the Guru?

Guru can help disciples on complete surrender!

One who tells, imparts is the guru! Person who listens is the disciple! Disciple is called as Sishya or Sishyan in Indian literatures. Guru is the one who helps to know the unknown. Disciple is the one who learns and understands without any doubts.
           We are still learning, right from our childhood.
            It’s said that Goddess of knowledge Devi Saraswathi is still learning!

“What we have learnt is just a handful, what needs to be learnt is of the size of the ocean” is recited by lady saint Avvaiyar.

We have learnt everything from others. All are gurus.

We have learnt so many things from the nature and other creatures. Are all these are our gurus!?
Then what is the reason to highlight the word guru?

Only information is conveyed by human beings and other living .Nothing more!

All of them convey the information to set the life on the right track. They are not guru!

Guru is the one, who induces our intelligence, helps to realize self and feeds the divine consciousness/feeling in the eyes.

Incomparable guru! Sadguru! Gnana guru! One needs to get that incomparable guru to realize the soul. One can come out of the birth cycle only when one finds that guru.

Sadguru shows the way to live an elegant, healthy and excellent life. Sathguru is the one who shows way to get rid of the birth cycle. Only such a person is called a Sadguru

Gnana guru makes progresses in a man who lives with ignorance, by inducing their intelligence, helps to bring them out of birth cycle. He feeds the divine consciousness in the eyes and helps to make progress in their life.

Incomparable guru is Sadguru! Sadguru is Gnana guru! We have to obtain a guru to escape from death! Otherwise we’ll get struck in the birth cycle.

After obtaining a human birth, every one learns while growing.

“While taking birth in this world, all children are genuine and good” - Later becoming bad or good depends on the mother’s bringing up! Also their environment plays an important role!

Whatever may be the environment one grows in, god always blesses us with a chance to realize him. 

Though life is driven by the karma, god blesses every one and gives a chance to obtain gnana.

Major contributions in spirituality have been done by saadhus. This is the nature of saadhus who attained deathlessness and realized god.

For all souls to realize the God saadhus have helped and guided the seekers to come out of sufferings and bondage happened due to the karma. To obtain gnana, they guide, protect and bless the disciples.

We need not know about these saadhus! But they know us very well!?

Gnanis/Saints don’t discriminate amongst people based on caste, religion, race, language and country!

 “To us all towns are one, all men our kin” This is their state.

“My debt is to do the work!” Gnanis/Saints with no differences voluntarily help, protect and bless the spiritual people.

In this world there is only one race! Only one God!

Intelligent is the one, who follows the teachings of incomparable Gnanis/Saints! Knowing this itself will help to liberate our soul!

Our country is known for innumerable siddhar gnani and saints!

We should feel proud to have taken birth in this country.

Thiru Arut Prakasha Vallalar Ramalinga Swamigal, an incomparable incarnation took birth at Tamil Nadu in 19th century, realized the Supreme Lord , experienced supreme divine bliss and attained the deathless life – which is an elite spiritual destination.

This humble being considers Ramalinga Swamigal as my sadguru.

My guru Jothi Ramasamy desigar gave Thiruvadi deekshai, which is as imparted by Ramalinga swamigal.

After twenty five years of penance and spiritual accomplishment, I was fascinated by Ramalinga Swamigal and hence became noble.

Gnana Siddhar Trichy Jothi Ramasamy Desigar is one who has shown me and realize about Ramalinga Swamigal. Ramasamy Desigar before attaining samadhi, transferred the responsibility of Guru peeta to this humble being.

He transcended this humble being in the first 12 years, blessed to write and publish the first book “Kanmani Maalai”.

In next 12 years he gave the responsibility to work on guru peeta.

Baba also blessed with his divine words “Kuchandi-Kuchandi”.

This humble being is made as Guru by these great Saints in the great temple of Bala (Mother Goddess Vaalai).

 “Vallalar himself overwhelmed me with his grace”. Being a guru for the past 10 years and preaching Thiruvadi gnana as told by all gnanis/saints, I’m providing thiruvadi deekshai initiation with the grace of the god.

“All are his actions”

“If he asks me to sing I’ll sing, if he asked me to work, I’ll work”

“Nothing is my action”

They made this humble being as guru and gave the honor of imparting Thiruvadi Deekshai!

People in thousands got Thiruvadi initiation in Neyveli, Chennai and Vadalore.

Many people got Thiruvadi initiation at Kanniya kumari (Thanga Jothi Gnana sabai) from this humble being.

  This is the virtue of the humble being! I’m being here as Gnana guru with blessings from many gnanis/saints, doing the work given by them. They are making it to work elegantly.

Oho People come here!
Obtain the preaching!
It’s important to get Thiruvadi deekshai!

The rarest birth of human is to attain the god. Don’t waste the time; come here to open your EYES. Gnanis and Supreme Lord will bless you.

For many people there is confusion in selecting the guru.

A group of people praise the Gnanis/Saints in their caste.

Another group of people praise the Gnanis/Saints in their religion.

Another group of people praise the Gnanis/Saints speaking their mother tongue.

For getting mere benefits some people start praising a Gnanis/Saints,

Crowd is being gathered for money.

Crowd is being gathered for fame.

Crowd is being gathered for curing diseases.

Crowd is being gathered for entertainment.

Like this, people in this world get struck and suffer due to lack of awareness. There are many imposters who make use of this and cheat the people in a planned way. This situation should change.

The only work of Gnanis/Saints is to correct people living in the state of animals, people in ignorance and make them to live as human beings.

            The Gnanis advice is to always rely up a guru.

1.     To show a good path guru is needed.

2.     To make one live in a good path, guru is required.

3.     Gnana guru is required for all human beings.

4.     For the realization of god, guru is required.

5.     One, who finds differentiates amongst people, will not attain god.

6.     One who has bad habits will not attain god.

7.     One who considers all living beings as his soul, want all living beings to be happy, compassionate, show love to all living beings will attain god! He is the Gnani.


Irrespective of whether the preaching is in Arabic, or in Hebrew, or in Sanskrit, or in Tamil all the teachings talk only about the Supreme Lord.

           Don’t value the language!

            See the content of the preaching!

             Don’t look at people by race or country!

            Realize that all are human beings!

             Each and everyone should realize that I’m human and all other humans are my brothers and sisters. Only then world will attain prosperity! Don’t have any thoughts to spread the religion!

                      Don’t be arrogant and egoistic! See people as human beings! Work towards prosperity of human beings! Be a loving person to everyone.

                      If one human gets transcended beyond mind and know himself, society will change! There is a proverb in Tamil ‘If the thief is not going to reform himself, it’s impossible to stop the theft’.

            Gnanis/Saints blesses human for their transcendence beyond current experience. They guard the people who are in spiritual path. Everyone should think that they should lead a life of good human being. For all this we need a Guru.

             World’s first guru, Aathi guru is “Sri Datchina Moorthy”! This is the truth!

             After that the son who preached his father (Shiva)! One who has six faces! Teacher of gnana is Lord Murugan!

             Lord murugan preached the spiritual knowledge to Agathiyar!  Then his preaching was done for Arunagiri! Handsome lord murugan!

                       In this way, Vallalar Ramalinga Adigal came to this world through a generation of spirituality.

             They reside in this humble being and intuiting me, to provide Thiruvadi initiation.  The real guru is the one who shows the way to know “Who am I”, also they guide to realize this.

            “Wheel that is not cut down

              Mantra does not talk

              Flower that no one can reach

              Pooja that can be understood by mind”


            If one knows to explain this, then he is eligible to make others realize god. He is the guru! One who makes others to realize the number 8 and 2 is guru! One who shows way to add 8 with 2 is a real guru!

             One, who clearly explains the hidden truths and makes disciple to realize, is the guru!

  This humble being, as a gnana guru with the blessings of Gnanis/Saints, gives deekshai/initaion for people who come to Samarasa Sutha Sanmarga Sathya Sangam established by Ramalinga vallal peruman in kanniyakumari and vadalore. So come here.

Preaching done by Aathi guru Sri Datchina Moorthy, is god’s teachings and preaching. This humble being preaches what Gnanis/Saints of this world have preached so far.

There is nothing new to tell! You are welcome! The final result is self realization and god realization (Aanma Laabam).

“Clarity is to see the body of the guru
clarity is to tell name of the guru
clarity is to hear the words of guru
clarity is to think about guru” – Thirumandiram



- Gnana sarguru Sivaselvaraj 

  Sanathana Dharma 

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